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Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P.

Transportation: Ocean.

Productivity: 100 Set/Sets per Month.

Packaging: Our products use professional wooden cases within PE plastical bag. Package size will depend on each model size different.

Delivery Time: 21 Days.

Place of Origin: CHINA.


5XF air cleaner is seed processing cleaning machine.

1. APPLICATION: 5XF air cleaner is seed processing cleaning machine researched and designed by our company,reasonable design, reliable performance,suitable for seed companies, farms ,grain and oil processing. 2. MAIN FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES: 1) This machine is mainly composed of frame, elevator, bulk seeds box, air cleaner etc. 2) The machine has compact structure, convenient operation, flexible mobile, motor vehicle traction 3) The machine cleaning is convenient, can effectively prevent the confounding, guaranteeing the seed purity, quality and other agricultural and sideline products and economic crops. 3. SAFE OPERATING PROCEDURES AND ADJUSTMENT: 1) The machine can be all kinds of motor vehicle traction,and generally not more than 10 km/hour 2) Workplace requirements is flat and level,And using the machine frame of four screw the fuselage to horizontal position , adjust the height to make the tyres so far no pressure. 3) Before the machine start. the transport fixed bracket must be unloaded, check the machine whether loose. 4) Put through power supply, open switch, check the machine to conform to requirements. 5) working routine: First check the various parts of the machine whether normal. then open switch, check the equipment turn whether correct. feeding seeds to elevator hopper,through the elevator to air cleaner, Light impurity will be removed by blower duster. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS.

6. PERTINENT DATA: 1) elevator 1)) The elevator is working,Do not touch. 2)) Before start the machine, make sure the link parts shall not be loosening, mobile, rotating parts should be smooth operation, no collision. 3)) Adjustment plate can be controlled at the entrance of the feeding hopper feeding amount into the elevator 4)) Such as belt deviation or skid is found within the barrel, adjustable ascend stand on both sides of the long screw 5)) Replace the seeds, to prevent mixed, should pull to ascend at the bottom of the base board, row of net retentate before stuck 2) air cleaner 1)) It is forbidden to stand people when the machine is working 2)) Before use, should check the connection parts, can not have loose, shift phenomenon. 3)) Fan rotation should be smooth, suction duct and food materials, should be sealed and open. 4)) Materials through bulk box into the wind screen window should be uniform, such as uneven phenomenon, appear on bothsides of materials should timely adjust the bulk box on the regulating handle. 5)) Adjust duct on the handle according to different air separation materials, choose different wind speed and glass bottom two screws to choose the appropriate air volume. 6)) duster function is winnowing the light impurity after collected and go out,to prevent light impurities such as dust raised into the air, causing air the impurities inside the dust catcher reach a certain amount, the duster at the bottom of the air door panel will automatically open, discharge of impurities, When impurities discharge the air door panel will automatically shut down. the impurities in the storage can be adjusted through the throttle damper on the counter weight to adjust.

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